Jquery Ui Instead Of Bootstrap Widgets

Hy, why are you use twitter boostrap widgets instead of jquery ui with bootstrap theme ? Jquery ui are more powerfull than bootstrap widgets.

Some JUI widgets are supported via an official extension, which can be installed through composer:


Having bootstrap in the core does not stop you from using the jui-extension in addition to any theme you want to use (or any other css-framework).

Beside of that twbs is more then just some widgets, as it has a solid grid, icons etc…

Again, you can use whatever you want. Only components like the debug-tooblar or your rapid-prototyped-app-backend will be stiled in bootstrap fashion, however no user will see it.

2Suralc, I understand what i can use that i want. JUI widgets are better customizable and visually fully equals to bootstrap’s. So:

bootstrap/Alert => ?? jui alert css ?? (probably only visual styles, not a widget)

bootstrap/Button, bootstrap/ButtonDropdown, bootstrap/ButtonGroup equivalent to jui/Button, jui/ButtonSet (not exists yet in yii2 repo)

bootstrap/Carousel - has no alternative

bootstrap/Collapse => jui/Accordion

bootstrap/Dropdown => jui/Menu

bootstrap/Modal => jui/Dialog

bootstrap/Nav,bootstrap/NavBar => ?? (probably only visual styles, not a widget)

bootstrap/Progress => jui/ProgressBar

bootstrap/Tabs => jui/Tabs

bootstrap/TypeAhead => jui/AutoComplete

So we have 8 "core" equivalent widgets with different name conventions. How i can transparently replace in yii2 project all "core" bootstrap widgets to its jui equivalent ? Probably it would be better if similar widgets would have the same name.