jquery tutorials

ive been poking around for any tutorials that show me how to integrate a jquery script into my application

ive set up the application statically via the post method, but i want jquery to handel all the button clicks etc. and fallback to the post method if js is broke or something,

are there any good documentation on how to do this with yii.

Have you created already your script file?

In my current application I created a script file that handles all the clicks via jquery’s live feature (before I used to do it with livequery plugin), as I really like the fact of having just one main page for my CMS’s and the rest all ajaxed’ from the server.

It is as simple as register your script in advance Yii::app()->clientScript->registerScriptFile(‘pathtoyourfile’); in your main layout. If you don’t have the ‘live’ feature, just a script that handles all the button clicks of your page registered in your main layout will be rendered every time a page is loaded and so your javascript handlers.

That or I don’t really understood your question.

See this Tuto