Jquery Submit Form, But Can't Get The $_Post In The Php All The Time.

Dear all,

I am using jquery to submit the form to a specifc action.

However, in the controller, I can’t get all the post value at all.

Here is my code:


function facebook(){

$("#first-form").attr("action", "/yiiauth/default/authenticatewithfacebook");



function gmail(){

$("#first-form").attr("action", "/yiiauth/default/authenticatewithgoogle");





	public function actionauthenticatewithfacebook() {


		$hybridauth_config =Yiiauth::hybridAuthConfig();


		$error = false;

		$user_profile = false;


		// create an instance for Hybridauth with the configuration file path as parameter

			$hybridauth = new Hybrid_Auth( $hybridauth_config );

			$adapter = $hybridauth->authenticate( $provider );

			$user_profile = $adapter->getUserProfile();



		catch( Exception $e ){

			// Display the recived error

			switch( $e->getCode() ){ 

				case 0 : $error = "Unspecified error."; break;

				case 1 : $error = "Hybriauth configuration error."; break;

				case 2 : $error = "Provider not properly configured."; break;

				case 3 : $error = "Unknown or disabled provider."; break;

				case 4 : $error = "Missing provider application credentials."; break;

				case 5 : $error = "Authentification failed. The user has canceled the authentication or the provider refused the connection."; break;

				case 6 : $error = "User profile request failed. Most likely the user is not connected to the provider and he should to authenticate again."; 



				case 7 : $error = "User not connected to the provider."; 






		// workOnUser returns an user object

		if ( is_object ($user_profile) ){

		$user = $this->workOnUser($provider,$user_profile->identifier); 

			if ( $this->autoLogin($user) ){

       if(isset($_POST['Prequestions'])|| isset($_POST['Prequestions[name]']))   //here is the post


      $questions = new Questions;




	   throw new CHttpException(404,"Didn't receive any post at all.");




					// this is where u go otherwise

					$this->render('authenticatewith',array('error'=>$error,'user_profile'=>$user_profile ) );



					echo "Something wrong with ".$provider;



My form is rendered by another controller

The id of the form is called "first-form", and the name of the field is something like Prequestions[name] Prequestions[description]…etc.

Any ideas about how to get the post data here…?

Right now it keeps telling me didn’t receive any post at all.

Did you set the [font="Courier New"]method[/font] on your form?

<form method="post" ... >

Yes I did. I believe that’s not the problem…