JQuery + render partial + AJAX

Hello all… I’m sorry if any answer which is answer my question below [ but i’ve tried to find an answer and still not yet find an answer ]

I have success to used JQuery to get the value of renderPartial View. But the problem is arise when i was change the content of renderPartial for example using ajax request ( which is i was made in JQuery) to load some new value from Database.

My new content of renderPartial can’t used the JQuery script which I was made first !!

I don’t know why the result view of renderPartial as if they can’t know about JQuery i was made manully first ??

Is there any solution or explanation about this problem ?? [ I’m new in PHP, Yii + JQuery + AJAX ] I’m very appreciate all… Thanks before


take a look to this thread

Thanks zac… but i still don’t find a solution or summary exactly on those thread.

What i have aware probably are :

  1. First , i call renderPartial in this form :


  2. Second , I’ve tried second option to call renderPartial in this form :


I’ve looked the different which is the second send back jquery.js script too.

But two of both still not answer my problem. I have a JQuery script that i wrote

Yii::app()->clientScript->registerScript('browse', " JQuery Script ");

in the main page ( view ). In those JQuery script i did ajax call and then run controller to run renderPartial to update <div> region in my main page (view), the result is success ,BUT the result CAN’T worked to use JQuery i wrote before in main page ??

Anyone can give me explanation or anything to solve this problem.

Thanks a lot before… I’m very appreciate all


Hello I’m sorry before , because i still confuse about this problem. I have tried another attemption to solved this problem.

I will tell about my real case in compact to give a graps :

Sorry if my description confusing all you are, because my limitation in english.

I’m open from anything comment or critics about this post

Is there any suggestion, explanation, example, or summary … I’m very appreciate it

Thanks a lot