jQuery only works on localhost

I use two plugins jquery on my Yii applications, and both plugins it work fine on localhost, but not on live servers.

Firebugs detected error (variable is not define) at 1st line for each javascript files.

Does this happen because of different server settings? How to solve this problem?


What jquery plugins did you use? Maybe we can find solution if you post the source code.

What is the actual error? Some anti-spy programs can block javascript (had this problem with scripts contained "popup" in their names).

Try clearing your assets folder - the plugins you use may have been updated to a new version of JQuery?

Ups… problem solved. This error coused by linux case sensitive. I wrote ‘jQuery.js’ where it should be ‘jquery.js’ as same as the file name.

But when googling about this problem, I found many suggesttion to do. Like;

  • File permission

  • try to disable default jquery from Yii

  • call jquery fisrt before plugin

  • jquery.noConflict and now…

  • check if that just a case sensitive problem.

Anyway, I’m still face jquery conflict problems in my Yii application. My client request many slider effect to add in one page;

  • News slider

  • Employes profile slider

  • Photos gallery slider + zoom box effect when photo clicked and

  • Hide/Show article panel

the plugins affected for each other and just only one or two plugins can works together.

Please share your experiences… I’d appreciate it

Thanks all for respons.