jQuery issues with 1.1.11

Hi everyone,

Just want to see if anyone else is having trouble with the new 1.1.11 update, in particular the version of jQuery / jQuery UI used seems to be messing with some Yii widgets in my app.

I use a folder structure mentioned here so I can easily switch between framework and app versions.

When I try switching to 1.1.11, I’ve found that:

  • All of my CJuiDialog widgets no longer work

  • Clicking on a row no longer selects the row in CGridView and clicking the checkbox does not highlight the row (although hover highlighting does work)

  • Ajax pagination in CGridViews no longer works (reverting back to standard GET page requests) but does work as normal for CListView

I’m only using the standard Yii widgets (with no custom override classes) and I clear out the assets folder each time I switch framework versions. Switching back to 1.1.10 seems to fix everything (which is the version my app was built on).

Can anybody else confirm the same problem with 1.1.11?

OK. So it turned out to be some caching by Chrome. An empty out of the browser cache seem to fix everything.