jQuery & IPhone

Hey guys,

Been coding my Yii App with a theme for iPhone. The app has a dynamic form (add/remove fields) which is utilising jQuery code to give me the add/remove functionality. My issue is I’m finding the iPhone will not work all the time with jQuery.

So either my jQuery code is wrong (it works in Firefox) or I have to be aware of possible incompatibility of jQuery with iPhone?

Do I use jQuery or is there another Java framework I should be using (lightweight if possible). I don’t expect there to be too much javascript in this app so would like to settle on one code base.

Check http://jqtouch.com/

jqtouch is cool. I am planning to include Sencha Touch support in Ext4Yii. I have dome some preparation and working towards some proof-of-concept apps.

Try this book:

Beginning Web Development for Smartphones: Developing Web Applications with PHP, MSQL, and jQTouch availabe at:

Its a nice book that makes use of jQTouch, PHP and MySQL for developing web application for Smartphones