Jquery integration video tutorial

I made a blog post including a video tutorial on youtube. It is how I put a jquery plugin into Yii and wired it up.

This one uses a display only mode but the next one will be hooked up with ajax on the back end. I need help debugging my jquery ajax so I can make the other video and publish it here. Message me if you want to help. It’s really a jquery problem and not a yii problem, but whatever.

Here ya go, feel free to comment, critique, or suggest improvements.

Tnx for nice tutor, but next time please put higher resolution video as at the moment all your desktop actions are not readable.

I’m a noob at video. still learning. Even the original can’t really be read even full screen, so not sure if its worth trying to recompress. I was using Berio for the screen capture. Maybe I need to get something fancier. Anyway thanks for the comment. And a full transcript of the text I entered is included in the blog post. :)