jQuery in another Theme


So I created a new template for demo purposes (I wanna show the program to another client with their logo on it etc).

I was able to pull the new CSS and images and everything successfully into my new theme, but I noticed that my Javascript tricks are not working => jQuery is not loaded on the page.

So I did my investigation and realized that the new theme doesn’t load the JS lib from my assets folder (this is loaded by the “default” theme automagically!)

Should I create another assets folder here?

Or, how can I load jQuery into the new theme?



btw, I tried this in the header part of my new theme, didn’t work:

<?php Yii::app()->getClientScript()->registerCoreScript('jquery'); ?>

I was an idiot :( sorry

When I was creating the template, I copied the original template, and pushed down all the lines to the bottom and started to create my new theme and put a

<?php die(); ?>

in between, so the whole script never ran through. now it works perfectly :)