jquery-gmap extension

I’m using this extension http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/jquery-gmap/

Im my application I’ve used “$gmap->updateMarkerAddressFromModel” & “$marker->capturePosition”. But $gmap->updateMarkerAddressFromModel is not working when $marker->capturePosition is used, otherwise $gmap->updateMarkerAddressFromModel is working fine when used alone. Plz help

my code:



                $gmap = new EGmap3Widget();

                $gmap->setSize(400, 234);

                // base options

                $options = array(

                    'scaleControl' => true,

                    //'streetViewControl' => false,

                    'zoom' => 15,

                    'center' => array(0, 0),

                    'mapTypeId' => EGmap3MapTypeId::ROADMAP,

                    'mapTypeControlOptions' => array(

                        'style' => EGmap3MapTypeControlStyle::DROPDOWN_MENU,

                        'position' => EGmap3ControlPosition::TOP_CENTER,




                // marker with custom icon

                $marker = new EGmap3Marker(array(

                            'draggable' => true,


                //$marker->latLng = array(0, 0);

                $marker->address = 'London';


                    // the model object


                    // model's latitude property name


                    // model's longitude property name


                    // Options set :

                    //   show the fields, defaults to hidden fields

                    //   update the fields during the marker drag event



                // tell the gmap to update the marker from the model fields.


                        // the model object


                        // the model attributes to capture, these MUST be present in the form

                        // constructed above. Attributes must also be given in the correct

                        // order for assembling the address string.


                        // you may pass these options :

                        // 'first' - set to first marker added to map, default is last

                        // 'nopan' - do not pan the map on marker update.