JQuery / FancyBox CGridView

I am just trying to implement a JQuery or similar function to popup a view instead of going to the view.

At this moment I really feel dumb because I really dont understand how to add an event when clicking an item to the CListView.

Maybe this is not difficult and I am drowing in a glass of water. Anyone did this that can help me ?

I dont want to include an extentions, it does not seems necesary.

Thank you in advance!

See this wiki article

I saw that article and I find it awesome. The problem is that I can not make other JavaScript libraries work in the grid, like fancybox. I already have CJuiDialog working.

Hi Cristian,

If you don’t want to use an extension, then you need to write the jquery script for triggering fancybox yourself, just like what is indicated here. How did you render your CListView?


fancybox is not a js library, it is a jquery-based script or plugin. jQuery is the javascript library. :)

You are true, fancybox is not the library :P.

I am trying to add a loading gif while the CJuiDialog dialog opens now, because over the internet it seems that the webpage hangs when the internet is low.

I think that this will be my solution for now, then I will try to make something more FANCY, but now I need everything working.