jquery 1.7.1 causes visible menu refresh on each page load

I just upgraded from Yii 1.1.7 -> 1.1.9, which means jQuery 1.5.1 -> 1.7.1

after 1.1.9 upgrade, every page load of the app causes the menu menu to visibly redraw.

my setup:

  • CDropDownMenu extension with superfish plugin.

  • jQuery is removed from the scriptmap and included on every single page in the <head> section of main layout

commenting out the jQuery line fixes the problem (but of course my app doesn’t work). I’ve seen a few related posts, notably from Wordpress users : WP 3.2 included jQuery 1.7.1 upgrade and lots of people commented on the “FOUC” (“flash of unstyled content”). I’ve tried various solutions such as setting html.color or html.background-color, which prevent the “white flash” but doesn’t prevent the menu from redrawing.

Lots of searching on this forum yielded nothing. Can anyone suggest why this happens or how to debug?

Resolved by killing all Firefox processes. perhaps an old version of jQuery was still loaded in memory? Problem seems to be gone now.

EDIT: the problem recurred immediately after posting the above reply. I suspect some interference between the jQuery version used by Yii Forums, and the one in the framework. Is this possible?

EDIT 2: The problem can be caused by posting a change to this forum post.

The problem can be resolved by killing all FF processes; restarting Apache; and clearing FF cache.