hi friends

i have 3 table:

tb_user(sid, name,family){sid is primary key}

[b]tb_tel/b{id is primary key — sid is foriegn key}

[b]tb_contact/b{idcontact is primary key ---- sid is foriegn key}

now,I want define a foreign key in tb_contact(id) to the refers to ID in the tb_tel . but doing error!!

please help me!!

[Not a reply] This is an italian speaking forum…

What do you mean by ‘doing error’ ? Do you have a SQL error, a PHP error o ‘simply doesn’t work’? Can you post you “relations” code?

Cosa intendi con ‘doing error’? E’ un errore SQL, PHP o “semplicemente non va” ?

Puoi postare il codice della function relations per favore ?

hi dear friend

1- i’m iranian ,not Italian.

2- sql error.

3- thanks for your replay, i found this Answer.