Jodit Editor in Yii2

Hello. I’ve been writing an editor for two years now and finally a stable version appeared.



The editor is easy to set up and very functional. There is even an image editor built-in. Plus a convenient file browser.

It’s time to add integration and first of all made the integration with Yii2

This module and 2 widgets: the editor itself and the image peeker.

composer require --prefer-dist jodit/yii2-jodit

Then add the module to the config

'modules' => [

'jodit' => 'yii2jodit\JoditModule',


And in the templates you can connect widgets

echo $form->field($model, 'content')->widget(\yii2jodit\JoditWidget::className(), [

    'settings' => [


            'bold', 'italic', 'underline', '|', 'ul', 'ol', '|', 'image', '|', 'hr',





echo $form->field($model, 'icon')->widget(\yii2jodit\JoditIconPickerWidget::className(), [

    "path" => 'wp-content/plugins/exchangers-monitor/images/systemlogo'


looks like that



The editor himself is an npm package and is being updated almost every day.

yii2-jodit is distributed under the MIT license and is absolutely free, as the Jodit license allows you to use the editor for free in Open Source projects.