Jobs: communications module and jobs site.

Hello everyone.

I am new to Yii (I am finishing my first project), but I am an experienced PHP developer. I’ve been working with PHP and MySQL for 10 years now.

I have too much work and I’ve decided to post two projects I need help with:

[size="3"]1- Communications Module (URGENT):[/size]

Develop a Module for Yii apps.

This module is for enabling communications among users of a site, like PM in forums, like this one.

You can think of it as a web-based email clone (without addressbook, CC…)

The module must have two types of messages: private and public.

Public messages will appear on the user’s profile or anywhere else. I am developing a used car classified site, so I need public messages about a specific car to appear on it’s page.

Think about public messages as a "power" commenting system, because comments appear both on the page they were made (as in a post or in my case, a car) and in the inbox of the user.

Private messages should be displayed only in the user’s “inbox”.

Option to configure module to use only private, only public or both types of messages.

An option to recieve email notifications of newly arrived messages as a preference for users.

An "inbox", where users can see new messages, delete messages and review past conversations in a simple thread.

If a user is deleted or banned, other user’s should not be able to send messages anymore, but should be able to read past messages with that user.

An option for admins to archive, backup, export and prune messages based on range of dates, users and/or keywords.

There should also be “helpers” or something that would easily integrate the messaging system to an application, for example, when I show the user’s name, make it clickable to send a message. Another example would be to create a link or a button to send a message to a user.

I also want to use this module to let the web site administrator to manage the messages he gets from the users. Like a "power" contact form.

Instead of the web admin getting the emails in his/her email inbox, a notification is sent and then the web admin can respond to messages from the app itself.

I make this distinction because here we need to create a "subject" table so the admin can offer a range of options for the user to choose on the contact form.

Also, we will need a list of "recipients", for example "support", "sales", etc. These should be users already in the app, but the name changes, like an alias.

Finally, I am willing to pay for this module because I need it fast and I have a lot of work and also I want to release it as an open source module for Yii (maybe MIT license).

If you are interested, send me a PM with your proposal. I’m on a tight budget here, so I’ll be interested in proposals less than $300 usd.

You can be anywhere on the world and a PayPal account is strongly suggested. All I need from you is reliabilty, honesty and speed.

[size="3"]2- I need a pre-estimate for a job listing site[/size].

I say pre-estimate, because I don’t know all the details of the site yet.

However, I expect the following to be included as a minimum: user registration, recover password, email notifications (communicaton module in #1), filling a large form for the users posting resumes, uploading files (pictures for logosand avatars, Word Docs, Excel spreadsheets, etc), downloading files, marking job seekers and posters as favorites, a user’s home page with an overview of their listings and/or favorites. Categories and subcategories, keywords. Full-text search, advanced search. Email notifications of new job postings/resumes.

This is not a multi lingual site, but it should be treated like one, so that you, as developer, use english to develop and I can easlily translate it to spanish.

I am willing to release this app as an open source project for other people to study or use after it is delivered and payed for.

Remember please that this is a pre-estimate, details can and will change once I talk to the client. There is also the possibility that the client might cancel or go with someone else.

PM me with your estimate, a range will be fine for now. I’ll post more details as soon as I get them.

Thank you!

Did you have any progress with this?