Job Portal

Hey everyone, can anyone tell me of any tutorial for creating a JOB PORTAL using Yii Framework???????

Creating Job Portal is based on your product idea. It’s independent of what kind framework you will use.

Here is my site based on Yii Framework - Cultural & Creative Industry Recruitment Platform(Justnow only zh-cn version). You can use google translator to find something interesting on "Recruitment" section.

why don’t u start to create one from the scratch?

I cheer you create new one by use YII. I think it not complicate.


Nice work … … .


I’ve created one a couple of months ago for Yii developers (with Yii :)

needs some advertisement :)


The tweets column looks static (same tweet repeated 5 times or so?), and the Search column should likely have it’s label changed to better reflect the action being applied.

I’d suggest populating the site with several job postings to get the content initialized, you could simply copy a couple of postings from the job board.


I copied the jobs for a while, but you’re right, it would need more attention for sure.

The way twitter works, I just use their API to get the latest tweets about PHP + JOB. but a bunch of them are re-tweets, so it "seems" the same.


Gotcha, I see that now. With the tweets currently displayed at least, it’s just the same appearance for each tweet.

What might help the tweets a bit, is to minimize the redundant text, such as the timestamp ("about 2 hours ago").

Slightly reduce the size maybe, and maybe move the timestamp to the end of the tweet?

Just thinking of a way to bring a bit more prominence to the text of the actual job tweet

Also, the Follow Us button doesn’t stand out enough. I’d change it to Follow YiiJobz.

Your buttons look almost like headers, so I’d add a bit more depth to the buttons maybe (via border and/or shading). And instead of highlighting the button text with a goldish color on-hover, instead invert the colors (which would work well if you have a button), so it changes from brown background / tan text to tan background brown text.

The buttons only show as clickable when you hover the text as well, but instead the entire button should show clickable.

BTW, I like the job detail display, looks good.

Thank you very much for the detailed review :)