Jmultiselect2Side Selected List

I am using jmultiselect2side yii extension, i dont find the option will show selected list upadted, the code example is:



            'attribute'=>'gossip_id', //selected items


            'labeldx'=>'Gossip Selected',



            'search' =>'Search:',

            'list'=>CHtml::listData(            // available items





in action update cant show me the updated list(seleceted items), please help me

I am also facing the same issue

Just add a field public $selectedOptions; into Jmultiselect2side.php. Now add this to line no 170 like “foreach (array(‘selectedPosition’, ‘labelTop’, ‘labelBottom’, ‘labelUp’, ‘labelDown’, ‘labelSort’, ‘maxSelected’, ‘labelsx’, ‘labeldx’, ‘autoSort’, ‘selectedOptions’) as $p) {”.

Now go to the jquery.multiselect2side.js file and "selectedOptions" like o = $.extend({


        selectedPosition: 'right',

        moveOptions: true,

        labelTop: 'Top',

        labelBottom: 'Bottom',

        labelUp: 'Up',

        labelDown: 'Down',

        labelSort: 'Sort',

        labelsx: 'Available',

        labeldx: 'Selected',

        maxSelected: -1,

        autoSort: false

    }, o);

Now in line no 84 of jquery.multiselect2side.js use selectedOptions like this:

“<select title=’” + o.labeldx + “’ name=’” + nameDx + “’ id=’” + nameDx + “’ size=’” + size + “’ multiple=‘multiple’ >”+o.selectedOptions+"</select>" +

Now go to your controller and make string of all selected options and pass that to view. In view add selectedOptions option as under:

$this->widget(‘application.extensions.jmultiselect2side.Jmultiselect2side’, array(

    'model' =&gt; &#036;model,

    'attribute' =&gt; 'groupDevices', //selected items

    'labelsx' =&gt; 'Available',

    'labeldx' =&gt; 'Selected',

    'moveOptions' =&gt; true,

    'autoSort' =&gt; 'true',

    [b]'selectedOptions' =&gt; &#036;selectedOptions,[/b]

    'list' =&gt; CHtml::listData(// available items

            &#036;deviceModel, 'deviceId', 'hostname'),


I tried it but it does not display selected id in selected option it dislay ids without any option field

Please find the Best solution here to save the selected values in jmultiselect2side widget

[html] [/html]