Jgoogleapi Extension

This extension is a wrapper to the google api php client lib, the inspiration has come from googleapis extension, and the function is very similar, but it add some new features like the possibility to use a service account to authenticate in the api, it also comes with the lastest version of the lib (0.6), and i hope to maintain that when a new version comes out. Hope you like it and if you have some questions, comments or suggestions please let me know.

JGoogleAPI Yii Extension page

JGoogleAPI Extension page on github

This is a great extension, thank you for the work.

A couple of questions before i dive in.

  • is this ext sufficient to enable me to accces and edit documents stored in google drive (google docs)?
  • could you add some more simple examples on how to use various google services that are enabled by the api? or should i refer to the api examples, would they all work in a straightforward manner?
  • The example on the api page for google drive refers to accessing only xml, csv etc filetypes, not the Google docs native ones, could you help me out in this regard?



  • This extension enables you to access anything in the Google API so i don’t see any reason why you can’t edit your files, but i think the procedure will be Download->Edit->Upload.

  • I’ll had more examples when i need to access other parts of the api, but until then you should stick with the examples in google developers, they’re simple and easy to understand, and i believe that the way to access the API with extension is always the same, i can’t see any reason for the google-client-api-php to change it’s behavior.

  • I’ve never tried to access google docs, so i don’t know how you can do that or if there is any way to do it, i’ve searched for something like that and i’ve reached the conclusion that we can’t, DrEdit PHP and Google Drive, from google i find this Document Services.

Thanks for your words!

The google-api-client-php has been updated to version 0.6.2.