Jewish Love Finder Website With Yii

(Khajaamin) #1

Jewish love finder http::// website build using Yii. really proud to work with Yii as it is leader in frameworks now. i love to work for more websites.

thank you Yii

(Khajaamin) #2

my first website . please let me know how to add this into showcare .

(Trond) #3

Nice web. I found the font used for body copy a little hard to read though. I would have preferred a font with a lighter weight.

I’m not aware of any showcase other than this newsgroup, and you are already here.

(Angel De La Noche) #4

Still too buggy.

Where’s the login form? Where’s my profile? How can I delete my account? how can I unsubscribe from emails?

After clicking "accept":

(Alex89607) #5

Simple (and good) design! But where test block?