Jcrop Extension

I have successfully uploaded images using the EFIneUploader extension. But I need to be able to crop the image and save the thumbnail after that. I have googled for days and I can not figure out how to set the image url param in the widget of the Jcrop extension, since when the page is rendered, the image does not exist yet

$this->widget('ext.jcrop.EJcrop', array(


    // Image URL

    'url' => $this->createAbsoluteUrl('/path/to/full/image.jpg'),


    // ALT text for the image

    'alt' => 'Crop This Image',



My problema is how to set ‘/path/to/full/image.jpg’ after the image path comes from Ajax. I really need help… Thanks!

So, do you pass URL and image isn’t loaded or you don’t know how to build image path?

Please post the rest of the related code to understand the flow and where the exact problem is more clearly.