Javascript for PJax option scrollTo

I would like to make the page scroll to the beginning of ListView section (starting with let’s say <div id=“v1” … >) after the PJax request succeds. To achive this, I need to pass a javascript snippet to the $scrollTo attribute. However, it renders to a string instead of a javascript code.

How to achive this?

My code:

Pjax::begin(['scrollTo' => '$("#v1").offset().top', 'linkSelector'=>'.pagination a']);

I get:

jQuery(document).pjax(".pagination a", {"push":false,"replace":false,"scrollTo":"$(\u0022#v1\u0022).offset().top","container":"#p0"});

but i need:

jQuery(document).pjax(".pagination a", {"push":false,"replace":false,"scrollTo":$('v1').offset().top,"container":"#p0"});

Thanks a lot, I could the code snippet instead of a string… but it seems that ‘scrollTo’ accept only integer or false; I couldn’t make it work.

Isn’t “$(”#v1").offset().top" an integer?