I’ve been running my own home-made blog powered by Yii for a while now, but haven’t had a reason to show if off, until now. :)

I am still working on the new theme, but check it out:


It is using YiiBooster - many thanks to Clevertech, and especially Antonio Ramirez. You rock!

And, of course: Chris who wrote the ‘original’ Bootstrap module.

Of special note is the jQuery plugin Tocify, which does what Affix does, but automatically from the headings.

See it in action here:


I will probably turn it into an extension - perhaps it could be added to YiiBooster.

I am about to optimize the app. Not using any caching or anything. ;)

Nice, I could browse easy and smooth.

BTW, I thought you were the last to adopt Bootstrap. ;D

Nice! It reminded me that one day I will actually learn how to type :blink:

Yes, that is highly ironic

However, Ekerazha - my main opponent - switched to Foundation.

See this post:


Thanks for the compliments on my site :)

nice look…

found a small issue…

Pagination not working… heading with class .up need small fix…

Thanks Perochak :)

I’ll fix the pagination - I don’t know what’s going on in there. :P


Fixed. TbPager doesn’t like Bootstrap’s pull-right css style.

Awesome Jacob…

its too good as Looks like blog made in well developed blog mgmt system.

everythings are gr8 like each blog topic, comment section and blog share functionality… .

definitely +1 for this.

Aww, thanks Kiran. Appreciate!

Blame much of it on Yii, Clevertech and their awesome YiiBooster library!

Yes YiiBooster is really booster, and love to use it in core design of app.

gr8 thanks to [color=#1C2837][size=2]Antonio and Clevertech.[/size][/color][size="2"][color="#1c2837"][/color][/size]

Great job and nice blog. I like it. Vote for this… ;D

Welcome jacmoe