It's possible to create model but not from table?

First sorry for my english, its not my native language.

I have database in IBM as400/DB2 that only can be accessed from ODBC driver. As far i know in yii its not possible to use ODBC driver. So my current solution its to create web service, and feed the xml to yii aplication. So far this was possible at least it was done in Controller.

The problem is, there is many table that reuse by application, in other word for different process i still use same xml/table. I want to make those xml to become a model, and that model will be reused. My question is, it’s possible to do that? I mean make a model but not from table instead from xml webservice.

thank you.

I thing it can be done.

For example the Yii Application that the yii command line create has a model for the contact form that has not a database table related


You can extend CModel for create a master class.

Take inspiration from the code of CActiveRecord or CFormModel (classes that extend CModel)

I developed an extension to use the IBM database.

Link: YiiDB2