It's February 2020. When will yii3 be released?

It’s February 2020. When will yii3 be released,quikly…

When it is done. You can follow development progress at OpenCollective:


@wangzhoubin how rude! What is this demanding attitude behavior of yours? If you’ve got skills and time please help the team instead of this bullshit.

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Be nice @Bizley, I’m sure @wangzhoubin means well :wink:

@wangzhoubin as mentioned it will be released when it’s done. And it’s done when… it’s done. Yii is a true community effort which means development capacity is limited. Also means you can help to get it finished faster. Either by contributing code, or if you feel you don’t have the time or skills feel free to go to OpenCollective and donate so more people with the skills like @samdark can be compensated to make the time. This will also certainly help to get Yii 3 released soon. Thanks!


Is there anything specific in Yii 3 that you need? Yii 2 is a great framework, ready for you to use it.

Yii2 has been very good. We have been paying attention to yii3 for a long time, and can’t help but want to use it formally. You should understand my mood and expectation. So, I hope to come out as soon as possible. If you think my tone is a little bit stronger, maybe I have a “please” missing. Thank you for your contribution to PHP.

Yii2 is quite good, but I really look forward to yii3. I believe you can feel my mood. This is the expectation. Thank you at the same time

Yii2 is already very good, but for yii3 has great expectations, it may be perfect. :wink: