- drug treatments reviews and ratings

iTabletki - the service, aimed to help people in exchanging and consolidation of information, for one of the most popular, though serious topic in the internet - drug treatments reviews and ratings.

The idea is not new, and we still tried to make the website looks nice, and starting to grow up new features.

Why should someone bother about another website with drugs reviews, descriptions, ratings?

First off all - its free, no ads, commercials, and so on (at least for nearest future).

We have solid volume of treatments with connections based on active ingredients,

pharmacalogical groups, conditions…

I consider for myself as a usuful feature - displaying possible generics (analogs) of selected treatement. Cause where the marketing and hypes (even through doctors) tries to sell a special treatment from a special manufacturer, and this often seems expensive,

not everybody know that often you can find a more beneficial generic drug with the same effect.

Shortcomings - lack of new content, and navigations through conditions (diseases) by ICD-10 - which is rather obscure to people, who are not professionals. We will work on it.

Technically - we are using Yii, MySql, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap. Working with Yii for 2 years, i’m still often astonished how it’s COOL! Thanks Qiang and all the team. The most complicated in iTabletki - for us was the subject field (even i almost finished the pharma education)…

Thanks for all critics, advices, feedback ::)

And one of the most pleasant thing - that this is first project which i’d done with my fellow, not for any company, money, but for ourselves and interest. Doing regular job (for food and paying bills) and expose yourself to another deals which you believe in, is not easy, but if you believe you should at least TRY!


iTabletki - помогает людям оценить то или иное лекарственное средство, и поделиться опытом с другими.

oh me bastard - made a mistake in the name of Yii founder :o Qiang :rolleyes:

Nice idea! Good luck with website!