first,thanks for reading this one…

i use yii 1.1.5.

i try the blog demo in yii 1.1.5

it still use CAutoComplete in the post page and it’s running.

I use CAutoComplete too in my web project,generated from yii-1.1.5,but its done with error on the browser…

so i try too see what’s the different from blog demo yii1.1.5 and my web…

well, i realize , in the yii-1.1.5 if we generate a project it will register script "<script type="text/javascript" src="/integration/assets/d1eb1148/jquery.js"></script>" in our active form.

( i check this one from ‘View Page Source’ in my browser)

well i think that’s ‘jquery.js’ is the problem,because in the blog demos (I view the html), it’s not use that…

if we use CAutoComplete ,its call jquery legacyautocomplete method from jquery.autocomplete.js(loc:/assets/d1eb1148/)… in the demo there’s no error with this, because there’s no ‘jquery.js’

I need to remove this ‘jquery.js’ because that cause a collision with jquery.autocomplete.js(who has the method)

is anybody know what i mean?

sory for my bad english cause im indonesian

(note: i want to use CAutoComplete because in CJuiAutoComplete, ‘multiple’ is disabled)

I didn’t get in detail, but if you are sure that CAutoComplete is incompatible with other jquery widget can be considered a bug if the release.

Make some test for be more sure of that fact, and in case post in the section "Bug Reports"


i will check this more…

maybe i’m wrong,or maybe didn’t