Issues with the session


Was working with Yii framework for sometime, but faced this only after I had moved all stuff to the Amazon Web Services on Amazon Linux. For some reason new server doesn’t apply session parameters to all objects as it should.

Main issues:

  • Default login form processed login/password information, but doesn’t processed further if “remember Me” check box is unset. Seems, that session doesn’t saved if this check box is empty. However, it saves session if “remember Me” is checked.

  • Language settings applied only to the half of the menus.

Can’t find a root cause for both cases. Even more, on local (‘xampp’ based solution) everything working as it should, as well as on local linux server (build with Science Linux).

Could some advise where to start searching the root cause?

Small update so far. Language settings are not related to this problem as it was failing due to another reason.

However, it seems that user’s session is defined bit strange as it seems nothing is saved if $duration variable is 0 in


procedure. However, I’m using the same login form in other environments without any issues.

Could someone advise how session should be defined to make this running properly?