Issues With Static Url Manager Pages


I have a weird issue with my urls. This is my config:





                        'urlSuffix' => '/',






So my goal is to have a URL like http://domain/faq/ for ex. with a trailing slash everywhere. And on the workstation I am developing on it does just this, no complaints. To be specific, the url getting generated by the createUrl functions and the address shown in the browser is correct.

The errors occur when I deploy it on production. Here the url’s are generated correctly, but the url is not written in the browser address bar. So I still have the “site/actionName” there. What seems even weirder to me is that not all url’s have the same issue, a couple works as expected.

The .htaccess are the same in both environments.

Can anyone give som tips here?


Edit: Never mind! My browser was messing things up for me by caching url’s (deleted all history etc and got it working)