Issue With Right Modules

Hi All,

I have successfully installed rights module and it is working nice. But only one problem that I describe below :

In my project : Admin will create different company and each company can login. Admin has the different pages to view.

Now Company user login and create some end-users who will have different usernames. Also company user has different pages to view.

At last End-user log in and perform operations. They also have different pages to view.

Lets say Admin can see page : A,B,C

     Company user can see : D,E,F

     End-User can see : X,Y,Z

So, if End-user logs in and try to open the link of page "A" or page "F", rights module not allowing to do so. Upto this stage it is perfect.

Now if Company user or Admin try to open a page "X", they are able to see. So we can say that end user page are visible to both users also.

Any idea, what is my mistake or how to restrict this situation?

Thanks for your HELP:)