Issue with fancybox extension

hi guys, i’m trying to use the fancybox extension to load some images that i saved in a folder inside my project, the thing is that i’m following Yii’s example for the extension and isn’t working, i want you guys to check my code and tell me if i’m missing something pls for those who already used this extension and know about it.

Here’s the code i’m using for it:

<div class="span4"><span>

	<?php echo CHtml::link($cargado->nombre_archivo, CHtml::normalizeUrl('doc/recaudos_mpma/'.$cargado->nombre_archivo), array('class'=>'fancy', 'id'=>'fancy-view')); ?>


and this is the widget of fancybox



		 array( 'target'=>'a#fancy-view', 


					'titleShow' => true, 








the image that i am trying to show in the fancybox is, as i said in a folder located in the root of the project.

thx in advance if anyone can help me