Issue With Cyrillics In The Url


I have a strange issue with one of my sites. The site is a huge catalog with food recipes and it has a search service. All recipes are written in cyrillic so the string for the search has cyrillics letters.

In the controller I have:

if(!isset($_GET['q']) || strlen($_GET['q'])<3) {

        	$this->render('search', array('err'=>'Search string is missing or it should contains more than 3 letters, bla bla'));



    	$results = $this->search->search($_GET['q']); // this is a lucene search engine and it returns only IDs of real database records


    	$ids = array();


    	foreach($results["results"] as $r) { 

        	$ids[] = $r->record_id;


    	$criteria = new CDbCriteria;

    	$criteria->addInCondition('id', $ids); 


    	$dataProvider = new CActiveDataProvider('Recipes', array ( 

         	'criteria' => $criteria, 

         	'pagination' => array ( 

             	'PageSize' => 2, 



    	$this->render('search', array(



In the view I have:

$this->widget('zii.widgets.CListView', array(



	'enableHistory' => true,


In general it is not some special. This is the usual way to use this functionality. When I tried to search something for example "риба" (this is a fish in Bulgarian language) first page is correct as it should be. I cannot manage to change the page from the pager. Only the first page works. For the other pages search string which is a GET parameter is changed to something unreadable. It may be a encoding issue, I do not know.

For first page my url is:риба and it is valid.

After using the paged …

For the second page my url is:риба&Recipes_page=2 instead ofриба&Recipes_page=2 and it does not work.

do you have any idea how I can fix this issue

I remember there was a problem with this when enableHistory was used… but this was fixed in the later Yii version… can’t remember right now what Yii version it was but try with the latest one (1.1.13), it should be fixed.

I have 1.1.12 but I am going to update it right now.


You are right, it is fixed in the latest stable version.

Thank you very much!