Issue With Cgridview Filter In Iis


I ran into a weird bug with CGridView. I have an application with a CGridView that runs fine in Apache (WAMP stack), but when I put it in IIS, the filter and pagination stops working properly.

To reproduce the bug, I filter one of the fields, like so:

Then I click to page 2, and I get this:

As you can see, I get these weird filters in other columns. Probably that’s what breaking the code.

When I filter with unicode characters (e.g." Évora"), I get this 500 error:

Again, this CGridView works perfectly in Apache. I tried with two different IIS servers and got the same result, so my best guess is that IIS is breaking it.

I already did:

  • Check if the database is Unicode: it is. In fact, both IIS and Apache applications use the same DB/instance.

  • Check if the app files are UTF8: they are. I used UTFCast to batch change the whole application and checked the encoding in Notepad++.

  • Updated Yii to the last version.

  • Googled this a lot: no answer so far…

EDIT: Oh, I also tested other applications we have that use the CGridView widget and got the same result: works on Apache, breaks on IIS. So, the problem is probably not in this app’s code.

Any idea?