Issue rendering view with large content

I have an issue with rendering a view with large content, where the layout is missing. The view itself shows up correctly but the whole layout (including css) is missing. Using the same view, which is a search result, with less content renders correctly.

Is this a bug?

Yii Version: 1.09

OS: Linux


what do you mean by large content? 1000 records? more?



yes it is a table with more than 1000 rows and so the view gets a size about 382kb. I know that maybe it would be better to add a pagination, but on the other side I think the Yii Framework should be able to handle that size.



You are absolutely right. Twice ;)


What is your error reporting level?

I doubt very much that the problem is Yii itself. We cannot see your database query which is the most likely source of the problem. You could be reaching memory limits, which depending on your server setup could easily result in a blank page.

Do you have behaviors attached to your AR? There’s some issue with circular references:


after intensive testing, I figured out, that this issue really has something to do with the memory limit on the server. So I have to go the way with the pagination and come to my next question. The query I perform comes from a complex query which gets the information out of a form. Is it possible with the classes coming with YII to realize a pagination for that? The form is commited with POST and there are way to much information to put them all in the URL with GET.


I’ve built a little helper class that helps creating the CPagination object according to the current filter settings. It checks for filter data in POST/GET. If in POST it copies them to GET to let CPagination create page links that include the filter data.

If you like i can share my basic version.

Hey I’d like to see your basic version Mike. I’ve been trying to pass params to the CPagination class but for some reason I keep getting an error “CPagination does not have a method named “params”.” (But I guess that’s a separate topic).