isGuest returns true (again)

Like many other people in the past, I’ve been having a problem with isGuest returning a true value after admin is authenticated. However, I haven’t been able to find any solutions that are applicable to my situation. The code I have worked fine on my development machine, but when I moved it to the server, the user could log in and be authenticated (btw, most of this is directly from the yii skeleton application), but when they are redirected back to the index page, Yii::app()->user reverts to a guest user. Furthermore, when I comment out the redirect, user refers to the correct user, and when I check remember me, it behaves normally. Thanks.


Has anyone had a problem losing sessions when navigating to different pages before? Is there any workaround I can use? Maybe cookies for all authentication? Thanks.

I’m having this problem right now. Right after I authenticate, isGuest returns 0, but as soon as I redirect to a controller, it is 1 again. The result is I am back at the login screen as the controller action requires an authenticated user. It works on my PC, but on the server it doesn’t. I am developing the application (in fact it’s now happening to two of them). But I haven’t worked in the auth or login areas for sometime. One other note, it had worked before, and other (non-developing) applications are still working on the server.

I have looked in the application log (with trace on), and error log, but nothing there. It happens on chrome and IE.

I hope there is someone who can tell me what to look at to see what is happening. I am at a loss…