Is Yii2 Ready For Commercial Project?

My friend ask me which framework is good for start-up business. I want to recommend Yii2 to him, however, I don’t know whether it is ready or not. he said because of Venture Capital, the project is a little bit urgent.

I noticed yii2 is not so stable few month ago, It become much better recently. Am I right?

What is your opinions? Thx.

Update1: He said his project should be completed by July. so that, should he start to develop based on Yii2?

Update2: I am sorry for the duplication…I didn’t see the previous post.

Really? This question is asked at least once a week. What do you expect the devs to tell you? Yes or No? This is not a question for them. It is up to you as shown in the following demo:

function shouldIUseYiiForRealWorldProject($isYiiReady) {

  // my logic

  return $isYiiReady;

  // your logic?



Also, check the forums

Pinned post should be created probably.

Here’s a quote from github:

yes it is readuy u can use

Is this a lol comment? :lol:

May be it’s a good time to start “Real projects built with yii2” topic?

Beta was out 1 month ago - and I consider beta status as a “feel free to start new project if you’re smart and productive and the deadline is not yesterday” sign, - and the forum is still not flooded with any yii2 project examples - even small and buggy websites aint there yet.

Right now we’re considering if we should take risks of second version or use yii1 in our new big project, and we are probably not the only ones who are struggling with this question. I guess some fresh examples would encourage faster yii2 adoption in the community.


In case you are not looking at real commercial or complex project examples with user auth and stuff…

my Yii extensions and JQuery plugins are on production server and powered by Yii 2.