Is Yii2 broken?

Good day evryone. Im very new here and Im very new to the framework. I was install Yii2 via Composer many times. But a week or few ago the problem occure. When Im installing the latest Yii2 version it’s 2.0.11 I believe from official site. I see this(look attachment’s links dont allowed for newbe).

It’s still broken for me. It’ has many errors from the box lel.

It has so many many many errors inside. Also the one wich is in archive seems to have some errors too. But if it do they are different for some reason lel.

So I tried an 2.0.9 version and thanks god it works fine for me. It’s ready to use from the box. There is no any errors accured so far. So I’ll stick with it and keep my learning.

So does anybody tried the last version here? How is it for you? When it will be fixed? Cause if I were totaly new I would don’t know what happening here and just quit may be… cause the official site gives you a links on broken version. Seems like nobody talking about it. If you would make a composer update from older version you can break your project btw :o

How did you get that message exactly? Which PHP version do you have?

I had the same issue earlier it looks like TestCase has ?? on line 822 which is for PHP 7 only, I am running on 5.x so I get the same issue. This was on a clean install of Yii done today, my previous projects are fine.


You use many words, but you haven’t told us what you did, exactly.

Do you get the error when creating a new Yii 2 application ?


Do you get the error when trying to upgrade an existing project ?

You say that “nobody is talking about it” - and that is obviously because “nobody” is getting that error :)

This is exactly what is broken, when you update or install from composer phpunit pulls in ./vendor/phpunit/phpunit/src/Framework/TestCase.php

Line 822 reads as follows, this will NOT work with anything pre PHP 7 due to the ??

$configurationFilePath = $GLOBALS[’__PHPUNIT_CONFIGURATION_FILE’] ?? ‘’;

The commit was

The problem is that PHP unit 6+ is only supported on PHP 7 so Yii will need to ensure a max version of PHP unit (5,7).

Yii 2 does not require php unit ?

It requires codeception which is built on phpunit.

A bit more info that is quite relevant.

Yes, Codeception does require phpunit - so therefore Yii is not broken.

Are there any open issues on the Codeception Github repository about this?

That Codeception is going to deprecate PHP 5.x very soon is a good move!

Why would anyone use PHP 5 ?

Here you go :