Is Yii working his magic behind my back? (HTML form erros and localization)

Hi, I started a new project yesterday to test out Yii… so far its been kinda hard to understand where everything comes from, since i am used to do EVERYTHING on my projects, so i know where all stuff is, and why and where it comes from.

One thing is bugging me, today, to test out localization, i setup 2 folders, one for EN and one for PT languages (set default to PT).

Added some strings and worked out perfectly!

Now, i wanted to test out my login form so I made a typo error in purpose just to find out that the error was returned in Portuguese, now, the error messages displayed were not input by me, and i am sure of this because they use a special character that my imported English keyboard does not have.

Is Yii making up those messages for me?! (shocked!)

If so, what other messages can i expect fully translated? (this might save me a huge amount of time).


These are called default error messages. Their translations are contributed by our users and are released together with the framework (under /framework/messages). You may refer to the following articles on how to customize them:

Wonderful =)

Judging from the Blog example app, i thought Yii was really complex and didnt make much sense, now, i am learning that theres alot going in the back to stick everything together, and is starting to make some sense, what i love and hate more is the conventions over configurations, because stuff happens and most of the times i cant figure out why until after some tests. I have read most of the content available on the website and some stuff still passes me :confused:

Anyways, i will probably understand it fully in some time.

PS: is there any official or non-official IRC channel? While forum is cool, most of my questions are so simple they arent worth a forum post, and the faster reply rate of IRC channels would really help me out.