is yii generated javascript unobtrusive?

i would like to know if the jquery javascript code generated by various framework view helpers is placed/intermixed in the html code or in an external .js javascript file thanks

Take a look at the HTML source of http://www.yiiframew…com/extensions/

which is generated using Yii. All js code are properly enclosed in jquery ready function at the end of page.

nice. why not to pute <script> tag in the head section? isn't it more valid? Also events handlers are managed externally and not in html tag attributes?

naah, it's valid putting <script> in body. In fact, using CClientScript, you can specify where to put your js code.

so i think yii is the first framework that generate unobtrusive javascript…great

as for event handlers?

Thanks. That's actually a benefit of using jquery.

i mean…also event handlers are declared external to html and not as html tag attributes?

That's right. No js in tag attributes.