is Yii a Restful PHP Framework?

Hello guys,

I wonder if Yii is a Restful PHP Framework?

Depends on what do you mean by restful.

It is restful, because it’s based on the MVC paradigm and the actions which the controllers performs matches the url, like this: module/controller/action/parameter(s).

You can also map the various types of requests using the URL manager.

So, I guess you can call it restful. :)

I know this answer is old, but maybe this helps others;

RESTful does not really apply to a framework, but rather to a way clients and servers communicate.

Thus, depending on how you architect your application you will create - or not - a RESTful application.

Yii is only a tool here.

Some pointers if you seek more about RESTful applications (sorry, I am not yet allowed to insert links, you’ll have to copy paste):