Is Yii 2 appropriate to create an online store?

[size="2"]Please assume you need to run an online store to sell "shoe".

Do you prefer to implement it from scratch using Yii 2 or using an online store-makers similar to PrestaShop? Why?[/size]

Depends on how fast it should be done and how custom it is. If it’s totally standard I’d take ready to use engine. If it’s very custom, Yii 2.0 would fit the task best.

Yes. That’s it.

In extension you made: in controllers/CartController.php I just saw:

use yz\shoppingcart\ShoppingCart;

From where does this come? Maybe from this one: ?

Would you recommend using these extensions or building from scratch?

Best regards.

Use an off the shelf ecommerce store like shopify or magento (or demandware for something more enterprise).

They have everything you are ever likely to need and all have extensions or similar if you need something custom. Failing that all have strong developer communities who can do custom work.

Writing something from scratch is reinventing the wheel, I would strongly recommend against it.

dstudio, yes, it’s omnilight’s package. I can recommend it since I’ve checked the code. It’s good one.