Is Ubuntu A Good Distro For Yii


I want to make my first steps with Yii platform.

Is Ubuntu a good Linux distro or are there better alternatives ?


Yes it is. You can try different Ubuntu versions like Xubuntu ( I am using that ), Kubuntu and maybe there are more. Also you have Linux Mint which is based on Ubuntu, it is also amazing.

If you need help installing yii2 on Ubuntu / Linux Mint you can read this tutorial: Click here. Of course it all depends how you are going to set up your working environment. Are you going to use lamp stack, xampp for linux and more.

But yes, Ubuntu and all distributions of it are good.

Yii depends on Apache and PHP>=5.4

So anything with that is good to go and so its Preferences


I’ve been using Ubuntu 12 with Yii without any issues for three years.

If you want to play/work with Yii2 ideally would be to go for Ubuntu 14 or update PHP to 5.4+.

Have fun.

My approach is to use latest extensively tested LTS (ubuntu 12.04.4) and install the latest php with third party ppa. Luckily it’s quite easy with manual.

I like old LTS versions cince they are usually better supported for older hardware and have more recipes for them published over the internet already.

for development you should use ubuntu ,that is light for development ,it will fast ur project

i m using lts 14 for my very big project,and i think u should use also ubuntu


I installed Ubuntu 14 and ran into my first problem :


Be positive man,this has nothing related to ubuntu :D

In actions you have to return the output.