Is This Possible In Yii2?

My development team love Yii framework very much. Yii word never left their mouth since the first day they use this framework. We have just discuss whether Yii2 possible to provide extra feature to give extra rapid in development. In our discussion, we are query about can the gii generate multiple models, CRUDs or even modules at one click.

We do have more strange idea or may be Yii2 development team also do think about it. which is when we going to start to create the skeleton of the porject using "yiic webapp", is it possible that we feed the command with a config file and in the config file we provide some basic info for the project name and path, database to be connected and then when we execute the command with this config file, instead of generate the skeleton, Yii2 also help to generate the models, CRUDs, Modules which is specified in the config file to make the development more rapid and agile. That is just our suggestion or idea.

Gii in 1.1 can generate either for a single table/model or for all tables/models (if * specified). It’s interesting idea to be able to specify a comma-separated list of names.

As for yiic webapp, it’s now different in Yii2 and it’s very flexible so you can do whatever you like in your application template.