Is there any yii2 endorse hosting provider


I am planing to place my yii2 application online. I searched the web for yii2 hosting providers but I was unable to find any good hosting provider. I know that any hosting provider fulfilling minimum requirement of yii2 can be selected for deploying application, but I want to know is there any yii endorsed hosting provider it is better to to go with community endorsed vendor.

Thanks for any sugestions

In Italy, I use, with virtual, dedicated or cloud server.

Are there programming recommendation for saving ram or computing in virtual hosting environment.

Does someone have tried Amazon Web Services, what is the average footprint you are getting there or average cost /month.

I have a test server running on AWS free EC2, so the smallest and Yii runs OK. Obviously not very fast.

I also have a website running on EC2 m3.medium and RDS for database - this is a high traffic, database intensive App ~ costs around €100 per month.