Is there any working rbac manager for yii 2?

I’m trying yii2-admin extension, but it’s not working (for me). I’m already in contact with the author to debug/test.

I’m asking you if you know an rbac manager extension. I’d like to allow non-developer website administrators to add/remove users and authorizations.

Do you know any?

I know I can search in extensions, but please, if you can suggest me a well-working one, you’ll save a lot of my time.

Thank you

try this one


Thanks, but,… LOL … my first sentence was “I’m trying yii2-admin extension, but it’s not working (for me)”

Try mdmsoft/yii2-admin


It’s the extension I’m trying right now… read my posts !

I ask you a different one

I just wrote a tutorial to provide exactly what you are looking for:

The code has been tested and you will be up and running in less than 20 minutes. You will not need any extensions, special config, etc. The tutorial has 4 thumbs up since yesterday when I posted it. Please give me feedback on this, I think it will solve your issue nicely.

I’m a Wiki reader through RSS, so the very first thumbs up was mine


Of course it’s all excellently and … working

Thank you, you inspired me to write it, I hope it can help others get a quick start with RBAC as well…