is there any static variable which will not be null for any POST and GET variabl

i am creating a simple application where search operation is performed…here i get values from a form and use in the controller .when all values are stored and POSTed the first page is displayeed but when the page links are clicked i get nothing…why is it so …then again i thought of performing  it with a ackward way i.e when getting a "GET".i.e the page links when clicked will return "id" and "page" through GET method …but the values in the values retreived from POST method gets null when a GET method is found…then agian i retrived values by passing GEt variables…the method working correctly but i use only four get variables…it will turn into a ackward way when i need more than ten values to be retrived…someone sugest me a better way if u can…someone help me

Though I am not sure what you mean correctly, is this discussion of any help to you?

$_GET['searchString'] = $search->string;…instead of using this is ther any other way of saving the values which would not be set to null when any GET or POST invokes

I have to add an explanation to the code piece. Basic idea is to retrieve the value through $_GET anyway.

if(isset($_POST['SiteSearchForm'])) {

     // this is the first trial thus the value is send via $_POST


     // We try to save the values to the AR properties

     $_GET['searchString'] = $search->string;

     // and $_GET variables especially for the search string

} else {

     // this is the 2nd trial such as pagenation, then we can get

     // search string from $_GET variables



k but it would be good if we need one value for second treil of pagination but if we need more than ten should we use the same method or do u have a better way…plz do tell me