Is there any restful services generated automatically when using Yii?

Hello, dear all

I am new to Yii, and found it is powerful, but seems missing one thing for me: The restful services generated automatically, even with the finder for the entity.

For example, if I have a object Student (name, age), I would like the 4 basic restful services generated, like: /student/1 get, student/1 update, student/1 delete, /student create.

Even I can fill with some pre-defined parms to get the finder for it, like /student?parm=finder&name=John …

Is above already in Yii? If not, any plan? When? Thanks a lot.

As you noticed, there is not such support.

Anyway there is the support for webservice + Gii is fully configurable.

You can add the generation of RESTful service in your crud and share to the community your result!