Is there any other tool that helps debug Yii2 application a part from the log

I’ve been having problem with my Yii2 application which was working fine and after started showing Internal Server Error and sometimes it is loading after 2minutes.

My website has been down for 2 months because of this problem and I’ve search for solution but nothing is helping. I would like to know if a part from log and activating debugging is there any other way to debug Yii2 application.

If no it seems the only solution I have is to rebuilt the application again.

On local the website is working but on server that’s where the problem is. I am confused.

You have to figure out exactly what the difference is between your machine and the server.

Try and run your application in a container (Docker maybe? or even VirtualBox) in development mode - that might help you discover some of the things that are wrong.

Also, while investigating your server (where it fails) find a way to read the server logs (Apache?) to get detailed error messages.

Thanks, this is helpfull.