Is there an exisitng Yii based documentation tool for database notes


I am new on yii and I am wondering if there already exist an open source yii based program for documentation of databases

What I am looking for is a software that connects to a specific database (mysql in particular), and get the structure of the database and save it on the application’s database.

Then the users can add comments, notes or explanation about the saved table/fields so it will be easier for new team members to understood what the project database is alla bout and what each fields are for.

Do you guys know if such an application exist or can you point me to the right direction (site, directory) where I can look for this.

Thanks in advance.

have you seen the blog demo within the download package?

I have studied the tutorial on the blog and used the demo code when I got lost but I didn’t inspect the code thoroughly. Was there a function/module there that can create a documentation for mysql databases?