Is There A Way To Protect Commercial Code

I have commercial product made with use of Yii framework.

How can i protect it from stealing/reselling/modification by other people?

I dont need to protect Yii framework code or extensions i used. Only the parts i wrote by myself.

I know there is some obfuscation methods, zend encoding, etc.

So what will be the best practice with Yii?

I seek more kind of a practical advice: go to this website, download this tool, it works best.

Thank you.


another point of view:

The protecting does not make any sense because who want to steal will steal it anyway and protecting measures will only inconvenience legitimate, law-abiding customers.

You can use Zend Guard for this purpose.

Unfortunately I have not used this software and I’m not aware if there are any free alternatives.

You could try BCompiler. We have been using that for some time now and it works quite fine, however keep in mind that it is experimental and will incur some limitations whatsoever.


NuSphere has a product called NuCoder that is supposed to encrypt and convert your PHP code to bytecode. It’s at www(dot)nusphere(dot)com if you want to see the description.

I use two of their other products and they’re good, and the company is responsive to inquiries as well.