Is there a way to load html files into an AssetBundle to be used in a view?

This is a very niche case, but I am trying to use Google’s new Polymer web components framework in a test with Yii2. The components are installed with bower (and if possible, I’d like to maintain them this way as well), and are thus outside of the web-accessible zone under @vendor.

I originally thought I could create an AssetBundle to pull the resources out of the vendor/bower/<folder>, but it looks like the AssetBundle class only supports css and js files. Can this be overridden by making changes to the AssetBundle class? Is this even a good idea?

Or should I move these files to somewhere within the web-accessible space to save myself the headaches of trying to manage them?

Any help would be appreciated.

extend asset and assetManager. and then write anything you want

strange as for me of course, because it copies whole dir right now, and anyfile you point to.